ESSENCE RELATIONS GmbH is a Swiss based communications consultancy that works with companies, family businesses, foundations/NGOs and management leaders.

We love to make your strengths visible. We develop and implement tailor-made communications strategies oriented around your long-term market positioning.

Our expertise:

  • Profound analysis and long-term strategy development
  • Valuable networks within business, politics and science
  • Many years' experience in personnel, management and sales excellence/value selling
  • Key strengths in political communications, financial communication and corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Leadership communication training, authentic communication coaching for senior managers
  • Communication management, PR & media relations and advice on internal communication
  • Conceptual planning and sophisticated implementation of corporate, cultural and political events
  • Advice for foundations on fundraising, communication and efficient and effective structures
  • Project Management for CSR activities, philanthropy and solution based journalism

ESSENCE RELATIONS GmbH expertly positions your organisation within your field and within the right network and communicates the essence of your work.

Creativity wz-normal
Creativity wz-normal

We are courageous. We develop bold strategies that are tailor-made for your organisation - leadership lies in good communication. 

Responsibility wz-normal
Responsibility wz-normal

You can rely on us to work with care and to the highest standards as we transform ideas into actions.

Curiosity wz-normal
Curiosity wz-normal

We are constantly questioning and continually stimulated by you, the strengths of your company and employees.

Management & Team


In developing your strategic communication, our team draws on its wide-ranging international experience and passion. Naomi Schild provides project assistance while Ilse Held edits texts carefully and efficiently.

ESSENCE RELATIONS also enjoys a partnership with Aileen Zumstein Communication GmbH.


Nathaly Bachmann

Building platforms, establishing networks, maintaining a 360-degree perspective and developing rigorous, long-term communications strategies – these are some of the key tasks undertaken by business psychologist and former private banker Nathaly Bachmann.

As head of sales management at a major Swiss bank, she has advised a global foundation on fundraising and communication since 2012. She studied in Zurich and Madrid, and worked for swissnex in Singapore. She is also active as a lecturer and mentor, and participates in various voluntary projects.

With ESSENCE RELATIONS, Nathaly Bachmann works to put her clients’ strengths centre stage, while establishing long-term relationships and creating lasting value. Her family’s business background instilled in her the importance of responsibility and commitment at an early age. She also serves as the director of StrategieDialog21, a forum for the discussion of key questions within Swiss society and the ways to bring together business, politics and society.

Ilse Held
Proofreading & Processes

Ilse Held is passionate about the written word. From Germany and living in Switzerland since 2001, she has acquired wide-ranging experience as an executive assistant in a number of companies.

With her careful attention to detail, Ilse supports Essence Relations in written communication and the thoughtful implementation of processes and events.

Naomi Schild

In spring 2016 Naomi Schild successfully graduated her studies in communication planning. Her "flair" for communication and languages, Naomi discovered by travelling. This passion she could already act out as a radio reporter for Radio Energy.

Now she assists Essence Relations as a Project Assistant with focus on social media conversions, public relation activities and event planning.

Aileen Zumstein GmbH

A native of Basel, Aileen Zumstein has been running her own communications consultancy since 2012, specialising in the pharmaceutical industry, start-ups and science.

Aileen Zumstein GmbH has many years’ experience in moderating public events and loves creating a platform for her clients – the perfect partner for ESSENCE RELATIONS!


"We believe..."

I. ESSENCE RELATIONS GmbH carefully considers the economic, social and media-specific conditions in which your business operates. On the basis of a multi-dimensional analysis, we then determine how best to position your company and optimise your reputation. We implement business strategies with clearly defined priorities and communication performance agreements, and with a focus on sales excellence.

II. For us, everything revolves around you, your staff and your organisation; we therefore develop a ‘project wheel’ with you at the centre. Our advisory process allows us to craft your unique narrative: "There is a six-word formula for success: “Think things through – then follow through."

Click here to learn more about the 'project-wheel'.

III. We believe that value can be created only through the right kind of visibility and stable, trust-based networks.

Typical Challenges & Solutions

I. Visibility : How do we publicly communicate our corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities and position ourselves as a sustainable company, while also using this internally to motivate our staff? (CEO of a Swiss SME)

II. Trust : How can we ensure that our clients regard us as a credible partner? (CEO of a Zurich-based bank)

III. Relations : How do I bring my exhibition to a larger audience? (Cultural promoter in the Swiss market)

IV. Value : How do we raise additional funds and establish long-term donor relations? (President of the board of trustees of an international foundation)

Visibility wz-normal
Visibility wz-normal

CSR begins at the top. It is a question of personal conviction and an underlying company ethos. On the basis of the commitment, curiosity and creativity of the CEO, this is then translated into a communications strategy.

Trust wz-normal
Trust wz-normal

Credibility depends on sound knowledge and dependable behaviour and actions. Being well prepared for meetings, with appropriate marketing booklets, is also crucial. Working together with our clients, we coordinate the necessary sales documentation and provide honest feedback and coaching on meeting leadership as well as sales training.

Relations wz-normal
Relations wz-normal

Profound analysis of the relevant channels, forms, and modes of communication is crucial, in order to assess the organisation’s external reputation and standing. In conjunction with the client, we develop an appropriate step-by-step strategy, specify the key information and the mission statement to be conveyed, and ensure that media contacts are established and maintained.

Value wz-normal
Value wz-normal

Foundations are obliged to uphold the highest standards of efficiency and effectiveness. Fundraising practices should be carefully coordinated and create clear value for donors. Desirable results can be produced through strategic planning for optimal value creation and an assessment of the sustainability of investments.

Nathaly Bachmann hat mit ihrer Beratung die VP Bank hinsichtlich der Definition ihrer CSR-Strategie unterstützt. Bei der Umsetzung bildete ihre Analyse einen wertvollen Beitrag zur Festlegung eines nachhaltigen Massnahmenpakets.

Tanja Muster

Head of Group Communications & Marketing VP Bank
Nach einer ersten Projektbesprechung war es für uns der logische Schluss, Nathaly Bachmann und ihr Team von Essence Relations als starken Partner und strategischen Berater zu engagieren. Speziell von Bedeutung für uns ist der Input von Nathaly Bachmann aufgrund ihrer Erfahrung, der gesamtheitlichen Herangehensweise und vor allem dem Verständnis für unternehmerisches Denken und Handeln.

Michael Horacek

CEO & Verwaltungsratspräsident cereneo AG
Nathaly Bachmann begleitete mich vertrauensvoll und mit viel Elan während meines Nationalratswahlkampfs. Sie war eine zuverlässige und kreative Partnerin. Mit ihrer Kommunikation schaffte Sie glaubwürdig, die für mich relevanten Themen zu betonen und innovativ umzusetzen.

Dominik Zehnder

Unternehmer & Kantonsrat FDP SZ
Der Name ist Programm: ESSENCE RELATIONS hat uns unterstützt, die Essenz unseres Schaffens und somit unser Erfolgsrezept in Worte zu fassen. Dies ermöglicht uns, Kunden und Interessenten via Website unsere Werte prägnant zu vermitteln.

Sebastian Angst

Partner pro ressource
Nathaly Bachmann stellte die richtigen Fragen und inspirierte unser Führungsteam Herausforderungen zu meistern und Optionen umzusetzen. Der Leadership-Workshop brachte das Essentielle auf den Punkt. Das davon abgeleitete Strategie-Konzept legte den optimalen Grundstein für unsere kommunikative Positionierung mit den entsprechenden Massnahmen.

Urs Langenegger

General Manager Park Hotel Vitznau
Since Nathaly Bachmann advices us, I experience - as a founding member in the Board of Trustees of the Right Livelihood Award Switzerland - a visible and tangible appreciation of all our activities to promote and publicize this wonderful price. Nathaly Bachmann creates this, I think, due to her highly motivated and motivating spirit and is always reliable. Value, maximum value certainly applies to what Nathaly Bachmann does for us.

Annette Ringier

Owner Ringier AG
Nathaly Bachmann has best understanding on how to connect people, "building bridges" and evaluate and track the most essential issues. She also knows very well on how to advice organizations and position them successfully.

Jobst Wagner

President Rehau Group & Initiator StrategieDialog21
«Glaubwürdigkeit» ist aus meiner Sicht der entscheidende Faktor, wenn ich als NGO wie als Unternehmen meine Position im Markt sichern will. Dazu bedarf es einer hohen Sachkompetenz sowie einer klaren ethischen Haltung. Als Jury-Mitglied des Alternativen Nobelpreises wie als Verlegerin suche ich stets nach strategisch denkenden und engagiert handelnden Gesprächspartnern. In Nathaly Bachmann haben wir/ habe ich diese Kommunikationsspezialistin gefunden.

Anne Rüffer

Inhaberin Rüffer & Rub Verlag
Die Kantonsratskandidaten der FDP Feusisberg mit Nathaly Bachmann, Bruno Sigrist und Urs Rhyner haben zusammen mit der Ortspartei eindrücklich gezeigt, welche Erfolge erzielt werden, wenn ein Team geschlossen kommuniziert und sich mit Herzblut für liberale Politik einsetzt. Herzliche Gratulation zu 35% Wähleranteil für die FDP!

Petra Gössi

FDP-Präsidentin Schweiz
A comprehensive education is the foundation to develop your talents. The 2013 first awarded Swiss School Award gives the essential visibility to grassroots initiatives - in the education of our children. With her careful planning and her subtle communication strategy Nathaly Bachmann achieved the sustainable visibility in public and exceeded our expectations.

Carolina Müller-Möhl

President Müller-Möhl Foundation
Nathaly Bachmann gelingt es die Einzigartigkeit und das Besondere einer Kulturveranstaltung im heute hart umkämpften Medienumfeld wahrnehmbar zu kommunizieren. Sie verfügt über ein ausgezeichnetes Netzwerk und breites Wissen wie Medien funktionieren und weiss um den zentralen Stellenwert einer sich an herausragender Qualität orientierenden Werbung und PR für kulturelle Projekte.

Dr. René Stettler

Gründer und Direktor Schweizer Biennale zu Wissenschaft, Technik + Ästhetik, Luzern
Nathaly Bachmann denkt voraus, arbeitet speditiv, sehr kundenfreundlich und exakt. Man kann sich eine solche Zusammenarbeit nur wünschen. Mit bester Empfehlung.

Christian Haltner

Managing Director Credit Suisse/ Gemeindepräsident Stäfa


The Italian war surgeon and founder of the humanitaria NGO "Emergency" Gino Strada has operated on over 30000 victims of war and poverty. Emergency provides emergency medical treatment to civilian victims of war, especially in relation to landmines.

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Switzerland's role in Europe is a topic more relevant than ever: demanded are constructive ideas and concrete approaches to take on the current challenges with optimism.

The idea competition "Castle of Wishes" therefore enters the second round: "World economy - Switzerland in Europe: which exchange do you wish for?"

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"The Swissmakers"

With the volume „Die Schweizermacher – Und was die Schweiz ausmacht“ Rolf Lyssy - the director of the so far most successful swiss movie with the same title - is honored by the emeritus philosophy professor Georg Kohler and Felix Ghezzi on the occasion of his 80th birthday.

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In the third phase of the strategic advisory process – after the analysis and the strategy – it’s about the determination of the “raison d’être” and about answering the question why the company exists.

A mission statement provides clarification and focus. It facilitates the identification of a performance, serves the company as an orientation and is the basis for quality, goal attainment and the image in the long term.

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